Why SAFEmine™?


Massive shovels, bulky haul trucks, hard-to-see berms, workers going about their business on foot - the environment in which you and your machines work each day is full of potential dangers, dangers that could easily cause a fatality!

...And from the driver's position in his haul truck there are many blind spots.

The SAFEmine™ GPS technology is designed to alert drivers to dangerous situations and aims to eliminate the high number of transport-related incidents so common to open-pit mining.

SAFEmine™ is a compact, traffic alert and collision avoidance system, suitable for installation in all types of vehicles in open pits – from haul trucks, shovels and dozers to contractors’ bakkies – providing both audio and visual indication warnings of possible collisions.

SAFEmine main unit & biind spot

Dimensions - A significant leap in safety, yet small
(81mm x 30mm x 108mm, approx. 3.2” x 1.2” x 4.3”):
SAFEmine’s non-intrusive form factor allows for easy
installation in any vehicle.


The SAFEmine™ technology, originally developed to provide safe, reliable and accurate collision warning for general aviation, is widely deployed on all continents to enhance vehicle safety in open-pit mines. SAFEmine™ is designed to minimise nuisance warnings even in high traffic density with dynamic trajectories, which create complex traffic constellations. With over 17,000 units installed in aircraft and mining vehicles, this technology has become a worldwide leader in the field of Traffic Awareness and Collision Avoidance.

Key Benefits of the SAFEmine™ System include:Haul truck crashing bakkie

• Traffic Awareness
- Typical 500m range, no line-of-sight restrictions
- Operators 'see' vehicles/objects before they are dangerous
• Collision Avoidance
- 360 degree protection at any speed and in any visibility
- No blind spots
• Distraction Free
- Smart alarms based on position, speed, heading and
dangerous movement - not only on distance
- No driver interaction required - simple display
• Simple to Use and Robust
- Compact size, easy and quick installation
- QuickMount Units for contractors or visitors - mounted
and removed in seconds
• Reliable
- No radio or IT infrastructure required
- Works on all mine vehicle types (haul trucks, shovels,
dozers, LDVs, etc)
• Flexible
- Wide range of add-on options, including black box
recording, voice alerts, live tracking and in-vehicle
monitoring, alarms for obstacles, power lines,
stop signs, speeding, roll over, harsh driving etc.
• Cost Effective


See what you are missing...


SAFEmine diagram 1


Awareness - Within a range of typically 500 meters,
SAFEmine™ is aware of positions and courses of all
SAFEmine™ enabled vehicles. Once vehicles are within
preset range, SAFEmine™ will make the operator aware of them.


SAFEmine diagram 2


Warning - SAFEmine™ minimizes false alarms using
comprehensive real time information including: vehicle type,
speed, distance, and course of travel. If vehicles are on a
collision course, operators are alerted until appropriate action
is taken to avoid an accident.

SAFEmine™ GPS technology is the answer to a safer, more productive and harmonious working environment for your staff, contractors and visitors.